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Customization: unstoppable trend and fashion

Ten changing technology in the future "in the" personalized custom "at the forefront of digital technology, the development of information technology gave birth to the third industrial revolution, not only greatly promoted the transformation of human socio-economic, political and cultural fields, also affected human way of living and thinking. customization become unstoppable trend and fashion.

The first industrial revolution: the invention of the steam engine, opened the industrial age.

Secondary Industrial Revolution: Ford invented the assembly line industry.

Third industrial revolution: information technology and industrialization of the depth of integration, industrialization and manufacturing of personalized products with means to meet the deep social progress and human civilization.

C2M a platform business model, namely: everyone is a designer, everyone is a consumer, everyone is the operator of the new commercial civilization is coming. Consumers are fully respected personality, values ??are fully reflected.

Customization will become the most influential business model, customization is the inevitable progress of human civilization, every consumer may be able to over-the easiest way to put in line with their own personalized clothing. Dress should pursue color quality, taste, personality, clothing, size, style, in line with their own identity, that is civilization.


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