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Service articles

First, the quality is guaranteed:
1, German Karl Mayer device is guaranteed to Lai Ying Leisi of the production process;
2, all of Lai Ying Leisi are tested before leaving the factory, can provide BV, intertek, SGS, and other authoritative test reports, all processing steps can be found in the relevant responsible person;
3, Fujian solemn commitment Yinglei Si-li of all products as there is absolutely no cutting corners.


Second, after-sale protection:
1, we advocate: There is no after-sales service is the best service; passes between repeated quality control and timely communication with customers. All problems can be resolved in the pre-sale. 10 years of production and sales experience tells us how to do pre-sale services, after-sales service can be done without.

2009 financial crisis, resulting in a lot of lace manufacturers lack of orders, and our factory in Fujian Province Li Ying Leisi of 365 days 24 hours non-stop. And therefore have invested heavily in the current large-scale introduction of the German Karl Mayer lace production equipment, we take a look at the workshop equipment, raw materials and semi-finished products, we now know that the strength and confidence.

Third, non-normal service let us win the market and the respect of peers

What non-normal service it? In fact, there is no new concept, just to do something other people do things, for example as follows:
1, Lee Guangdong are spinning a normal service our non-moving, this version has been customized according to the good kind of production, but the production halfway customer wants to change size. Normal factory conditions do not agree. After business communication, we understand guests fabrics loss is too large. Factories with final customer according to his ideal size re-production, reduce the loss of the guests. The final loss of a single plant, but to win the customer's trust and praise. It became one of his stable of high-quality suppliers.
2, Shanghai, Hong-Wei Ye Jingli company moved more to be added. Order original production in other factories, but in the manufacturing process and found major quality problems, we can not be delivered. Food customers anxious not rice. After contact with our factory. We know the number of guests through communication, delivery, and quality requirements. Factory night were raw materials and purchase of machinery and equipment according to customer's change according to sample version. Delivery schedule to help the guests, and there are no complaints in terms of quality. Due to rush for goods factory production. Cause the machine to excessive damage and excessive loss of raw materials. There are no profits. But let the guests to see our strong manufacturing and personalized service. Guests will be eventually handed over to us all his lace fabric factory.
3, a Japanese seniority long Nishimura lace, designer understands our factory products through the early show, which generated great interest. Then pro to our factory to a comprehensive understanding of the development process and equipment varieties. Communication, and his designer asks questions if he will be handed over to their own design pattern we develop and produce, whether permanent closure plate, special edition designed for. The investment for the plant is a significant risk, we do not know the value of customer sales, sales can not be dispersed, for sales of flowers will not guaranteed. Costs can not be recovered. But we did not hesitate factory agreed. And signed a protocol designed for a legally effective. Factories also offered to provide copyright protection. Japanese guests moved and said: You are customer-oriented service aims touched! Now our factory has developed 20 flower of the Japanese customers. Customers are very satisfied with the sample version, but also to expand sales open. Advanced customization allows customers to enjoy different services.
4. Such stories are many, here is not anything in detail the.
Some contracts signed for 30 days of delivery, but customer suddenly asked five days in advance, we would hire car shipping, shipping 3,000 of 9,000 yuan to become, we still suffer in silence losses. "


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