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Lizhiying diary

【Mood Diary】


Chinese textile manufacturing has been opened in 2010, a new page, expectant and excitement, came speeding general of Fujian Changle Yinglei Si Lai production base, plant neatly emissions from the plurality of Germany Karl Mayer lace imported production equipment, the concept of people lace "coarse stupid" image will be gone, China lace manufacturing and quality level on the world's leading from the stage.

Once upon a time, in the world of Chinese manufacturing plant status has been the eyes of the world on behalf of "low quality", in particular for textile products lace, the typical image is thick stupid, for decades the industry has continued with little workshops and status of both handmade and unstable quality, product innovation is not the main feature of the domestic industry lace users the biggest worry is the quality of instability, buy lace products like those who are pious incense in temples draw, I do not know sent to lace garment factory is a blessing or a curse, in a sense is fate.


The beginning of this century, the Yinglei Si Li took the lead in the manufacture of equipment, the introduction of expensive German equipment, the quality of China-made lace greatly improving the step, while also allowing users to have the confidence and stability of quality assurance, we have continuously for many years the customer has not received Yinglei Si-li of quality complaints, so that "no after-sales service is the best service", in terms of quality and innovation to the domestic first-class level.

To achieve the level of international lace industry and the simultaneous development of the second half of the previous year, companies from Germany and the introduction of multiple special aircraft while on the raw material and the pattern development put a lot of manpower and resources, to develop a trend lace varieties, especially for France, Lewis, products, personalized production, filling the domestic blank.

Lace products, as small as a yarn to the entire manufacturing process is done with a German original equipment, completely out of the current domestic-made equipment and by hand-mixing operation of the manufacturing process, hired well-known experts in Taiwan as MR.LIU company equipment consultant, micro-device innovation, bold use of special materials, and domestic well-known universities in hand, hired the University of Milan design postdoctoral STEVEN consultant for the design, development and design of a large number of drawings, Yinglei Si-li of the design and technology milestones occurred style changes. The introduction of ISO90001 management system, full use of EPR management software, to achieve fine management, large data analysis, precise positioning fashion trends, developed a large number of high-end custom products.


Future, the Li Ying Leisi will focus on environmental protection, on the raw materials for further innovation, the development of 100% natural materials, so that the domestic lace products not only in terms of quality and design synchronized with the international advanced level, is also a leading international environmental protection counterparts.

Yinglei Si-li of the development of new products has been done nearly one year, are basically stock, which in itself shows the company's financial and sales of good, dare to do inventory. Now there is almost no domestic lace industry has the strength to do stock. Meanwhile, Li Ying Leisi specializes in the customization for customers to create a unique lace, reflecting the high value. The past five years to stabilize sales by 20% increments, for three consecutive years to achieve substantially no quality complaints. Strength, which is the industry benchmark for enterprise lace strength!


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