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Lai Ying Leisi from the moment of the founding of the injection had been "Lai Choi life, wisdom Ying" brand philosophy, the "piercing woman's style" as a career to complete, at home and abroad of the actual Li Ying Leisi thousands of subscribers, in 2013, the company adhering to the "integrity of the soul, Inf" Lai Ying Leisi philosophy of the brand building of Lai Ying Leisi close to the market and after-sales service, personalized professional custom, to meet different needs, has been recognized by the market, in the second half of 2013, Changle, Guangzhou and Shanghai there were a lot of Lai Ying Leisi cottage version of the face of such a complex market environment, Mr. Xie Ying, general manager of the company (and KARL MAYER's special adviser) and his party returned to the factory, carried out countermeasures, and to develop a basic program for "non-normal service, non-normal period of closure plate" brand building, to make use of all of Lai Ying Leisi customers enjoy the protection of intellectual property, from worries.


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